Independent Living Dining

Leading the way for 75 years, Welch Senior Living continues to deliver industry-leading care and service to our beloved residents. Our passion for creativity, compassion, and excellence weaves its way through all that our dedicated and caring team of associates delivers daily in our beautiful communities.

One important cornerstone in providing industry-leading care for our residents can be seen in our dining programs. Our dedicated teams of culinary professionals work daily to provide our residents with healthy and delicious food served in attractive and comfortable dining rooms.

Always striving to improve and develop both our associates and menu offerings to new heights, Welch Senior Living has recently hired Guy Hemond, a Hotel, Resort, and Senior Living Executive with over 40 years of executive and leadership experience. As our company’s newest addition to the team in his role as Culinary and Dining Experience Advisor, Hemond challenges our chefs to raise their expectations; improving how food is sourced, produced, and served to our residents’ tables.

Every day, our talented Executive Chefs and their teams produce featured Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner items that change daily, as well as seasonally.

Breakfast is cooked to order, according to resident preferences, with a variety of continental options always available. Lunch and dinner each feature a choice of soup or salad, a selection of satisfying entrées, and an assortment of sweet treats for dessert.

Menus are reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian, with the meal planning and presentation supervised by our executive chef. Menu items change with each season and are varied to suit diverse needs and tastes. We feature fresh ingredients, produce, and seafood, and to celebrate our location and the nearby coast, our seafood items are sourced locally.

All menus are prepared with no added salt and low-fat bases, and sugar-free choices are always offered. Substitutions are also offered to accommodate dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Plus, smaller portions are always available.

Give us a call today at 781.834.7885, ext. 163, or email to schedule a tour and complimentary meal so you can experience first-hand our revitalized menu offerings. We look forward to serving you!