Resident & Family Testimonials

Village at Proprietors Green has received wonderful notes and letters of appreciation from residents, families, and friends. To anyone who has sent in such a message, we say “Thank You!” Caring for your loved ones is our privilege. 

“When I first got here, my friends saw my positive experience first-hand and were all asking me how they could get in here at Village at Proprietors Green, too. The moving process began for me when I realized I no longer needed to live in (or take care of!) a big home. I needed a smaller house. After that realization, it dawned on me that in just a few short years from now, I would likely be selling that smaller home to downsize once again. I wanted to skip that step and go right into renting. That’s when I found Village at Proprietors Green, and haven’t looked back since! I was really attracted to the various amenities and benefits of senior living. I loved the fact that I could rent and simplify my living expenses, and even better, I was fortunate that my family was by my side, encouraging me and serving as a huge help throughout the process from start to finish. Now that I call Village at Proprietors Green home, I still love the fact that I live in a rental senior living community – so much so that I think more people should do it!”

-Paul W., Resident, Village at Proprietors Green

Village at Proprietors Green Resident Paul W. and Executive Director Tom Bell

“I love being around people my own age here at Village at Proprietors Green and the wonderful friendships that we have grown. The highlight of my day is going to dinner and getting to socialize with my tablemates! From the daily entertainment to the friendly and supportive staff, I am so happy with my decision to move to Village at Proprietors Green. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else the past 10 years!”

-Ellie L., Resident, Village at Proprietors Green

“We’re getting on in years and we wanted to have a wonderful place to live. And here we are at Allerton House in Marshfield, Massachusetts! We’ve made all kinds of friends. We love having three meals a day. We love being back in Massachusetts after having lived in Florida, Connecticut, and other places. We are just delighted to be here!”
-Maryanne and David W., Residents, Allerton House at Village at Proprietors Green

VPG Testimonial from Residents Maryanne and David W.

VPG Testimonial from Residents Janet and John Z.

VPG Testimonial from Resident Polly S.

“My mother has been so happy and well-cared for at her memory care facility, The Village at Proprietor’s Green, that I wanted to write a story for Next Avenue about the steps my sister and I took to find the right place for our mom to help others with their search. We knew immediately we made the right decision because the staff was receptive to making provisions to ease my mom’s safety and well-being. Over more than two years, we’ve been impressed by the staff’s dedication. They know our mom, her interests, and her children’s and grandchildren’s names. She is happy and safe. I wrote the story to help others in their search and have never been offered, nor have I requested, any kind of financial incentive for writing the story. My reward is knowing my mom is still learning and engaged with others and her surroundings.”
-Theresa S.B.

Click on the link below to read Theresa’s latest piece written for PBS affiliate, Next Avenue, detailing her family’s journey to find the right fit for a loved one in memory care:

“Please allow me to express my gratitude to your staff for their care during my stay in October at Assisted Living of Proprietors Green. I especially wish to thank Ashley, Laura, Nancy, Kathy, and Dylan who went above and beyond. Please forward this note to them. Thank you to all there that are providing a safe, caring, and quality experience to folks on the south shore.”
-Michael V.

“My mother believes that she’s in the best possible place at this time, which is a comfort to me and my family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.”
-Denise B.

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for your ongoing efforts to keep everyone healthy and happy. This has been incredibly stressful for so many people and I realize how difficult it is to maintain both a healthy living and work environment during these trying times. Keep up the good work.” 
-Erin W.

“Just a note to say that you are doing an outstanding job communicating with families and residents at VPG.  You and your staff, at all levels, are doing an incredible job of taking care of the residents. It certainly gives me peace of mind knowing they are looked after by caring people.”
-Elaine L.

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