Village at Proprietors Green Celebrates Scituate at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In Scituate, green was everywhere during the 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Village at Proprietors Green residents and staff took the community bus to celebrate with the town residents. Over the years, many individuals from Scituate have moved to the Marshfield Senior Living Community. The merry group from Proprietors Green tossed candy to the onlookers and wished everyone the “Luck of the Irish.”

Brimming with smiles, Village at Proprietors Green Executive Director Colleen Ferguson (left) and Resident Services Director Valeri Williams prepare to share some candy and well wishes with the parade goers at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Scituate.
On the bus, Village at Proprietors Green resident George Ackley is ready to get into the spirit of things with a bucket of candy.
One enterprising youngster holds out a green net to take advantage of the senior living community’s candy stash, being distributed by Jack Williams along the parade route.
Valeri Williams, resident services director at the senior living community, and her son, Jack Williams, a volunteer for the day, show off an impression big bucket filled with candy for parade goers!
Village at Proprietors Green resident Arcely French sits with George Ackley Jr. in preparation for the 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
With a button pinned to her green sweater that reads, “I’m a Leprechaun,” Village at Proprietors Green resident Nancy Maloof, is ready to roll.