Village at Proprietors Green: A Pet Lover’s Paradise

Village at Proprietors Green prides itself on being the South Shore’s premier senior rental community. But what may come as a surprise is its dedication to its other residents: the ones with tails, paws, and puppy-dog eyes.

“So many of our residents love dogs, and so we share our personal dogs within the community from time-to-time, which everyone loves,” said Village at Proprietors Green Executive Director Tom Bell.

Large amounts of green space, including a town dog park currently being built next door, make Proprietors Green an ideal spot for dog owners and dog lovers alike. As of now, there are two community dogs: an 8-year-old King Charles Cavalier, Bell’s family dog who frequently accompanies him at work in the afternoons, and a Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever named Jake, owned by Independent Living Resident Ben Porter.

Executive Director Tom Bell’s Family Dog “Brady” Visiting with a VPG Resident

Ben brought Jake to have a familiar, friendly face around when he recently moved into the community from Seattle.

“When I made the decision to move, I knew that my new home had to be one Jake and I would feel comfortable with,” said Porter. “He’s my buddy. I brought him along as a way to make me feel at home in a new place. I never expected he would help other residents feel at home, too. It’s heartwarming to see people smile ear-to-ear just from giving Jake a pat on the back.”

Resident Ben Porter and his furry companion, Jake

Those smiles tell a story far deeper than momentary happiness. There are countless benefits to owning a dog. Dogs can keep seniors active, reduce the risk of heart attack, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, promote healthy habits, and expand social circles, according to AARP.

However, those who don’t own a pet can still reap the benefits thanks to Proprietors Green. Their pet therapy programs connect residents to local animals safely.

“At my age, I can’t really own a dog,” said resident Ginni Bellofatto, “But I love animals so much. So whenever the Village hosts a pet therapy event—I am there! I had a great time at the recent Barn Babies event and look forward to the next pet-friendly activity, too!”

Village at Proprietors Green Residents Enjoying a Barn Babies Event

Barn Babies, an event hosted by Village at Proprietors Green’s Activities Department, is a prime example of the commitment that Proprietors Green makes to helping residents feel comfortable and engaged. The event, which just recently took place, not only hosts baby barn animals for the residents to play with, but also invites the greater community—including children and families from the neighboring Marshfield Boys and Girls Club.

Village at Proprietors Green Residents Enjoying a Barn Babies Event

“At the Village, our events always serve a purpose beyond just being fun,” said Bell. “Our pet therapy programs keep seniors active, and whenever we can add a social-engagement element, we can help them feel like they have a place in the Marshfield community, too.”

Village at Proprietors Green Residents Enjoying a “Hi Flyin’ Dog” Event

Village at Proprietors Green has provided traditional independent living, assisted living, and memory care services to South Shore residents since 2010.  As a part of Welch Senior Living, they are committed to high-quality service and caring for residents like family.

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