When Is It Time To Make the Move?

There is no magical number to define the term “aging.” If you’re an adult and your parents or other loved ones are getting older, increasing your awareness of how they are dealing with all aspects of day-to-day living will provide important clues about the timing of a move to a senior retirement community. It may simply be time to downsize from a difficult-to-maintain home, or perhaps a recent surgery led to short-term rehabilitation and now it’s time to re-evaluate the necessity of a house and the upkeep it entails.

It is important for adult children, parents, and their medical providers to monitor health, safety, and well-being on an ongoing basis. Open and honest communication, frequent contact and visits, and an in-depth understanding of current abilities and needs are the foundation for informed decision-making moving forward.

Communities such as Village at Proprietors Green offer a range of benefits, not the least of which is peace of mind for residents and their loving families. We offer an environment that’s hard to duplicate at home – a range of activities, new social contacts, nutritious and flavorful meals, fitness and wellness programs, and personal care when needed. And if you prefer to curl up with a good book or meet for a bite in the Pub, you can do that, too!

We appreciate the magnitude of a decision to move to independent or assisted living and the many emotions that go with it. That’s why we at Village at Proprietors Green encourage adult children and their parents to use us as a resource and to visit us when it’s convenient. We’re here to talk with you about the transition and introduce you to residents who already live here. When you visit, you can sample activities with resident ambassadors, discuss personal care options with our nurses, and dine with newfound friends.

Staying Social

It’s proven that strong social contacts promote health and wellness when combined with staying mentally sharp and physically active. It’s one of the greatest benefits of a community such as ours, which offers independent and assisted living and assisted living memory care. According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, when seniors have an abundance of social roles and engagements they have a better diet, better sleep and exercise habits, and stronger lung function.

If your loved one is no longer as engaged with life, seems to have lost interest in outside activities, or is sleeping for long periods of time and losing touch with friends, consider calling us to see how we might help.

Health and Wellness

Some of the chronic conditions common among older individuals can impact what we can do and how we feel. Conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and vision and hearing loss, as well as medical events such as a fall, heart attack or stroke require ongoing monitoring and management. Appointment scheduling, prescription renewal, proper medication management, and the ability to handle emergency situations appropriately are vital to maintaining the best possible health. It can be a lot to manage on one’s own. When, the decision to move is made, a needs assessment by a trained professional is a very valuable tool in determining what type of assistance and housing option would be best.

You Are Not Alone

Remember, you are not alone. Call us. Schedule a personal tour and complimentary luncheon. Arrange a Trial Stay. Let us know how we can be of assistance.