Partner with Your Parents for Next Steps in Retirement Living

It’s never easy coming to a crossroads at which the decision we make in concert with our parents will have a major impact on life. But, as circumstances and priorities change, deciding to move to a retirement living community can make life better than ever.

Talk it through – Together
Parents and their adult children can make excellent decision-making partners, especially when one or both get the feeling it’s time to investigate senior living options. Just like other decisions, considering a major move can be daunting; it may be tempting to avoid it altogether. But talking it through, gathering information, weighing the pros and cons of every option, and finding out exactly what life can be like in an assisted living community often makes the choice clear.

Here are some tips for older adults and their adult children:

  • Start thinking and talking about the things in your daily routine or that of a loved one that are challenging, cause unhappiness or anxiety, or take time away from the things you love to do.
    • Is the house too big to keep clean and well maintained?
    • Is going up and down stairs becoming difficult or unsafe?
    • Do you fret every time it snows because you’re concerned about plowing, shoveling, or slipping on the ice?
    • Do you still feel confident driving?
    • Are you taking your medications regularly and on time?
    • Have shopping or cooking become too much of a chore?

Recognizing challenges and bringing them out in the open allows you to think about how best to address them.

Brainstorm together about how you can make life easier so everyone can relax and discover peace of mind.

  • Would downsizing your home make things simpler and add more enjoyment?
  • Would moving to an independent or assisted living community, where everything from transportation to coordinating medical appointments to meals, make life easier and more fun?
  • Would you like to meet new people, try new things, and have activities you enjoy at your fingertips?

At Village at Proprietors Green, we are here to assist you. When you tour with us we want you to meet residents and staff. We want you to get a feel for the activities and entertainment we offer, and the values we hold dear.