New Year’s Goals – Aim For Purpose and Fun!

At Village at Proprietors Green we like to think of the New Year as a time for a renewed sense of purpose, and definitely a lot more fun! We also have the desire to set goals to improve our health, happiness, and quality of life. Our goals don’t need to be resolutions, per say; they may simply be about doing things a bit differently or trying something new.

In a recent online article, CBS News cited data from the digital marketing company named iQuanti, recapping the most popular New Year’s resolutions. They included getting healthy, getting organized, living life to the fullest, learning new hobbies, traveling, and reading more. The article also offers sage advice about achieving success such as making gradual changes to what you want to improve.

Living life to the fullest is a specialty of Village at Proprietors Green. Want to feel better, work out with hand weights, or get some physical therapy? Check out an exercise class, visit our fitness center, or sign up for a session with our certified physical therapist.

Is healthy eating on your agenda? Enjoy all the seasonal favorites from our dining services team. Want to learn something new? Consider taking up a new hobby like painting or ballroom dancing. Or, start a book club.

Village at Proprietors Green not only makes reaching your goals for the new year achievable, it also makes them feel less like work and more like fun!