When is Memory Care Appropriate?

Making the decision to move a loved one into Memory Care can often be difficult. Learn more about the benefits of Memory Care and more from Welch Senior Living’s Laurie Welch Guthrie, MSW, LCSW, CDP, Regional Memory Care Coordinator, and Senior Social Worker.

Making the decision to move a loved one into Memory Care can often be difficult. They may be resistant to the move. You may experience feelings of guilt for no longer being able to provide care. You may question whether Memory Care is even appropriate for your loved one. While persons living with early to middle-stage dementia may do very well living independently or in traditional assisted living, below are some indications that they may be more successful in Memory Care Assisted Living:

  • Has your loved one begun to wander? Do they ask/try to return “home” even though they are home? Have they become lost in familiar settings?
  • Does your loved one require frequent redirection? Do they forget to eat? Do they forget appointments?
  • Has your loved one become less able to manage his/her activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and managing medications?
  • Does your loved one frequently misplace items?
  • Has your loved one become withdrawn? Do they no longer participate in activities they once enjoyed? Do they become easily agitated or appear depressed?

If any of the above describes your loved one, they may do very well living in a Memory Care Assisted Living residence. It all starts with a conversation and free assessment by our trained professionals and experts in Memory Care to work with you to determine the best next step for your loved one. Once ready to make the move, you can look forward to the following benefits of our Memory Care communities, which can help to greatly improve your loved one’s quality of life:

  • Our Memory Care neighborhoods are secured. Many persons living with dementia will wander at least once, and some will wander more frequently. This behavior can be quite dangerous for a person living with dementia and the worry can be taxing on caregivers. With secure living environments and appropriate activities, their risk of wandering is significantly diminished.
  • Memory Care neighborhoods throughout our Welch Senior Living communities offer robust life enrichment activities specifically designed by trained, highly skilled Life Enrichment Coordinators for persons living with dementia. These activities allow residents to engage in a meaningful way. Residents are far less likely to isolate and will feel secure in a smaller, more predictable environment that our communities can offer given the family-like environment and our home-like households. You are likely to see improvements in your own mood, as well, as your loved one becomes more engaged.
  • The Wellness Teams in our Memory Care neighborhoods are available to assist residents with their medication management. Gentle reminders and encouragement to take medications on the appropriate schedule are delivered by trained staff. Thus, the risk of forgetting important medications or inappropriately taking medications is removed.
  • Our Wellness Teams encourage residents to maintain an appropriate level of independence to boost their self-confidence, as well as physical and mental health. Service plans are specifically developed and revised alongside you and your family to best meet the needs of each resident.
  • We are here to provide a helping hand. Our Wellness Teams assist with or provide support with day-to-day tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, meals, and more.
  • The healthy meals provided by our Chefs within each Memory Care community can be tailored to specific diets, helping to improve your loved one’s overall health, particularly if they were not eating well prior to moving into the community. No more forgetting to eat or eating foods that don’t provide the needed nourishment for a healthy body.

No less important than any of the above benefits, the Memory Care neighborhoods throughout each of our Welch Senior Living communities provide “peace of mind” for friends and family. Worry over whether your loved one will wander, forget to eat, mismanage their medications, etc. is removed the moment they’re welcomed through our front doors. While you will continue to be care partners alongside our Wellness Team, you will be better able to relax and enjoy time as simply a friend or family member of your loved one.

If you have any further questions about Memory Care and whether it may be an appropriate fit for your loved one, please get in touch with me at lguthrie@welchhrg.com or 781-878-6700 x270. You can also click here or give us a call to learn more about Memory Care Assisted Living services at Village at Proprietors Green.

Article authored by:

Laurie Guthrie, MSW, LCSW, CDP
Welch Senior Living
Regional Memory Care Coordinator
Senior Clinical Social Worker
781-878-6700 x270