Village at Proprietors Green Residents Stay Connected

Social connections are essential to a healthy life, and research shows that these social interactions are particularly important as we age. Village at Proprietors Green has launched a new online program designed to keep residents in touch with what matters most to them.

With the implementation of Connected Living® technology, residents can choose how to stay connected. The technology facilitates interaction through email, social networking, photo-sharing, online classes, brain-healthy games, music and more. The program is designed specifically for older adults and features easy-to-use navigational tools. A resident can create his or her own private, secure account and select from a range of interactive activities.

Being in touch with the world is associated with better physical and mental health for older adults. With Connected Living®, it’s easy to stay connected with family, make new friends, reach out to former colleagues, and keep up-to-date on current events.

Whether it’s to share photos with a grandchild or learn a new skill, Village at Proprietors Green residents are saying, “I love it!”

To learn more about Connected Living® and Village at Proprietors Green,
call 781-834-7885.