Stationary Bikes, Resistance Bands, and Free Weights – The New Fountain of Youth?

The centuries-old quest for the Fountain of Youth has yet to be achieved, but what if something other than a magical natural spring could slow the physical effects of aging? A growing body of evidence suggests that that something may be a very active lifestyle.

One study published in the Journal of Physiology and featured in The New York Times set out to answer the question of whether physical decline is inevitable with the passage of time or whether inactivity plays a significant role. The researchers studied individuals between 55 and 79 who were avid cyclists, measuring a variety of physical and mental functions such as muscle strength, balance, bone density, and memory. Although those in their 70s had less muscle mass and aerobic tolerance than those in their 50s and 60s, the good news is that all of the participants performed at levels more consistent with those of much younger individuals than people their own age.

Studies like this can serve to inspire and motivate us. We all know that before beginning any exercise regimen we need to consult our personal physician or healthcare professional. Most of us are looking to step up our own activity levels, safely, and in small increments.

For residents of this community, it could be as simple as checking out the fitness center at Village at Proprietors Green, talking to our physical therapist about getting more fit, rediscovering a love of cycling on a stationary bike, or engaging with other residents at an exercise class.

At Village at Proprietors Green we’re firm believers that age is just a number and that feeling healthier and maybe even younger – unlike the Fountain of Youth – is always an achievable goal.