Fitness and Physical Therapy Made Easy at Village at Proprietors Green

If you plan to embark on a new fitness regimen or need some physical therapy, there’s no need to look any further than Village at Proprietors Green. Marshfield’s premier senior living community with a continuum of care has a state-of-the-art fitness center for residents, with exercise equipment designed to ease joint-related stress and strain. If you require physical therapy, there’s no need to travel to a hospital or outpatient center if you’re a resident at Village at Proprietors Green. With a referral from your doctor or visiting nurse, sessions can begin at once with a registered physical therapist on site.

Pamela (Pam) Pellegrini, PT, is a fitness consultant and onsite physical therapist at Village at Proprietors Green. She poses for a photograph in the community’s fitness center with Wayne Westcott, PhD, national fitness researcher, author and frequent guest presenter at Village at Proprietors Green.

Not all assisted living communities have a certified rehabilitation specialist on site. The ease of this service promotes healing, well-being and self-confidence of residents and peace of mind for family members.

Pelligrini notes that she has experience working with older adults and likes being able to help individuals stay active as they age. In her role as a fitness consultant and onsite physical therapist she provides a continuity of care that is seldom seen. She is motivated to educate every resident at the Marshfield senior living community about the benefits of staying fit.

As fitness consultant, she has implemented a strength training program, screened residents to determine their risk for falls, and created incentive programs to increase participation in the community’s fitness offerings. As physical therapist, she works with residents to establish goals specific to their needs, and helps them to achieve these goals through rehabilitative exercise that is safe and functional. In both roles, Pellegrini tracks progress and makes sure participants see tangible improvements.