Creating New Memories Keeps the Old Ones Sharp Too

Good news! The AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health just released a new report that says social activities and close ties to family and friends may “help keep your mind sharp and your memories strong.” Noting that brain function is affected by a combination of the quantity, quality, type, and purpose of our social connections, the report emphasized the importance of engaging with others in meaningful ways. To that end, Village at Proprietors Green is always searching for new and engaging opportunities that involve family and friends or taking up a new hobby.

According to AARP, in a survey of people age 40 and older on which the report was based, those who said they were happy with their social lives were more likely to say their memory and thinking skills had increased in the past five years, but those who were not said theirs had declined. Also noted were obstacles to maintaining a rich social life such as health problems, mobility challenges, and living in a place that limits opportunities.

There are no barriers to a rich social life at Village at Proprietors Green. Residents take ballroom dancing classes, participate in art shows, attend author lectures and Audubon presentations, inter-generational celebrations, and so much more!

Isn’t it nice to know that there’s yet another way to help your brain work to its greatest potential? Just make it a point to engage in the activities you enjoy, try out a few new ones, and extend your social circle to include old friends, new friends, and family members young and old.