Scene at the Green

Scene At The Green

There’s always something happening at Village at Proprietors Green. Follow our blog to keep up with the latest news and events.

Graciously posing for a beautiful 65th wedding anniversary portrait, Stan and Mary Roller, take a moment before heading to a festive dinner celebration.

Celebrating 65th Wedding Anniversary with Friends at Village at Proprietors Green

Residents Stan and Mary Roller did what they love on their 65th wedding anniversary – enjoyed the good times with other residents of Village at Proprietors Green. They shared memories, laughter, a delicious chef-prepared meal, and champagne!

Trudy Salerno, another Village at Proprietors Green resident, is clearly enjoying the preparations for the community’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Residents Prepare for Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter at Village at Proprietors Green, without an opportunity for residents to get involved!

The Bunny Hop event for professionals would not be complete without the “Easter Bunny” being well represented. Lynda Chuckran, director of community relations for Welch Senior Living, waves to some adoring fans as she greets Maureen Celorier, RN, liaison team leader for the South Region, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Partners Healthcare at Home.

By Leaps and Bounds the Annual “Bunny Hop” is a Huge Success!

Once again, Village at Proprietors Green extends a heart-felt thank you to all of the professionals who attended the annual networking event.

Senior man looking at a photo album with his adult daughter

Partner with Your Parents for Next Steps in Retirement Living

It’s never easy coming to a crossroads at which the decision we make in concert with our parents will have a major impact on life. But, as circumstances and priorities change, deciding to move to a retirement living community can make life better than ever.


Potential Tax Savings for Assisted Living

Learn if assisted living services for you or a loved one may be tax deductible.


Singing Trooper has a Grand Voice and a Big Heart!

Village at Proprietors Green enthusiastically welcomed Singing Trooper Dan Clark for the seventh straight year. He sang to a warm and welcoming audience. And, in return he, literally embraced the residents.

Parade enthusiasts and Village at Proprietors Green residents Trudy Salerno and Arcely French are ready for the candy toss, as they travel to Scituate for the parade.

Residents Go To the Scituate Parade!

Residents from Village at Proprietors Green continued a celebration of Irish traditions at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Scituate over the weekend.

gesture of a senior woman hard of hearing

Good Hearing Boosts Confidence and Enriches Social Interactions

Did you know that one in two people age 65 and older have some degree of hearing loss? According to the Mayo Clinic website, gradual hearing loss is common as we age. It can have a negative impact on quality of life, but it doesn’t have to. Rather than avoiding social occasions, not participating in conversations, and increasing the risk of becoming anxious or depressed, why not solve the problem?

Resident Services Director Valeri Williams and resident Sam Ganguly take no time getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Party at Village at Proprietors Green

Village at Proprietors Green holds an annual St. Patrick’s Day Party for residents to honor Irish cultural traditions. Residents wear green, sport shamrocks, and enjoy a traditional New England boiled dinner.

We are never too old to play cards

Creating New Memories Keeps the Old Ones Sharp Too

Good news! The AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health just released a new report that says social activities and close ties to family and friends may “help keep your mind sharp and your memories strong.” Noting that brain function is affected by a combination of the quantity, quality, type, and purpose of our social connections, the report emphasized the importance of engaging with others in meaningful ways.